Saturday, January 5, 2013

Busy Saturday

English: Quads Aces, to represent poker games.
Did a productive day yesterday. The first thing was to go to the Opticians, apparently my eyes show no sign of diabetes, which is good. Early days of course, but nice to not get bad news. I had these dilation drops, which meant I had to get a lift to the viewing at 1pm as I could barely see. They took the house and paid the deposit. That's one, and the end of the cold spell.

Next was back home to watch the England match. Inspired first half display, dissolved into nothingness second half. Why the hell does Sven insist on protecting a 1-0 lead constantly? Play to win! The worst thing ever is to get an early lead, cos he has no idea what to do. Luckily we were playing no real threat, but we will not win the World Cup playing like that. Long live McClaren!

After the match it was back out of the door to go and see the Landlords of this house for an accompanied viewing. Unfortunately they had already started when I got there. The husband took the lead, did a good job frankly. Was succinct and got the good points across without going into crazy detail. I was not really needed to be honest, gave them the details on how to apply then headed off. Got a phone call from carsales in his usual "Dude, snooker tonight" directness. I told him to wait an hour cos I needed food, then headed up there to have a game. I'm not playing normal Pool anymore, am having a break because sometimes you wonder why I play, since I don't do tournaments at the moment. We played about 4 or 5 frames, just messing about. He's getting better, could maybe start knocking some decent breaks in if he really bore down and practised some. Which he won't but the potentials there.

Not much on the cards today. So will accept it and maybe do a bit of walking then head back to chill out and watch the football. Heard nothing about any plans for the poker DVD, the new company website is being set up over the weekend so boss will be taken up by getting that coded up properly and me trained up on it. It's supposed to half our workload for uploading new property, I guess we will see! is as it stands right now, but will change into a more corporate look shortly. I took the pictures all of the houses on the front, am quite proud of them. Learning the new poker system I got which seems pretty comprehensive, the guy on the net uses it religiously and posts his results everyday, he is awesome and makes a lot of money. Will try and then see how it goes. It appears the mid-range buy-ins of Sit N Gos are a good way of making money, however will try and play the cash games first and foremost as if I can become proficient on them then its a steady stream coming in. Still poker academy has not turned up, plenty of practise needed on this before I risk anything for real. Now that I have stopped playing Pool however, it will be my new area of interest.