Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hopefully Didn't Make a big Mistake

poker is a happy thing
I had an interview for a position with a $40,000 salary, and I just had to sent an email withdrawing from the interview. I have numerous reasons for this.

That said, I would be lying if I was sitting here now not wondering if I am making a terrible mistake, but too late now. Most will think I'm crazy, considering that would more than double my current pay. Unfortunately it would take away most of the things I'm sure about. I work for a nice little company, and myself and boss are going to film a 'How to play poker DVD' all done professionally of course, and try and make some money from that. (Stay tuned!) I really want to be part of that. Plus NEL could in theory do well, and I'd be right there. However, if he does not give me a raise before November (when I will have been there a year) then unfortunately I WILL leave at that point. At that point most of the debt will have gone, and I will by then be playing a bit of low-limit online poker, hopefully profiting! This position was forcing a decision on me that I'm not ready to make, and I've never been one for letting others make my decisions. The position itself was working from home, and one which required me to travel once a month away for board meetings.

In other news, I will be registering for the poker festival this week, and will let you know what events I am playing in, at the moment it looks like a couple of sats for the big event, and one or two of the lower buy-in stuff for experience. Poker Academy might arrive this week so I can get practicing  Results will be reported, as well as all the other stuff you love.

Early start tomorrow 9am as I'm on my own cos boss is working from home tomorrow. Apart from meeting a surveyor at a property it should be quite quiet around these parts.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Student Days Remembered

Conrad - Miniature Dachshund
Because it's extremely quiet at work, I had a look through the alumni website for the college I used to go to. There is an old-timers match (took place in March) between the 'Old Ones' of 1999 - 2001 (when I attended) and the young guns of 2006! It's really strange to look back at the college days and realize that they are between 4 and 6 years ago! I guess that doesn't seem like so long ago.

Stranger still, good for them don't get me wrong, but still weird is to read the success stories of some of the students. It makes me assess myself and wonder could I have done better since I left college. The answer is certainly yes. I worked for a credit referencing firm, then in an office, then in the bookies. With numerous empty periods inbetween. Looking at some of these high-achievers makes me even more certain that great things happen to people who want them to, and set out to make things happen. That said, I am happy in where I am at right now, I only hope to not be single for much longer, as I could accept a dreary existence if I did not have to be alone doing it.

Just because they are cited as successful does not mean they are. I was hailed as a great Pool player whilst at college, however the money I earned from it sounded good $1,200 for a student is good. But $800 fees is not so good. A nice profit, but oops forgot to include transport, food and hotels. I made nothing!

I have never been tempted with these reunion things though. I never had a ton of friends, and since I weigh more now than at college, (although I see I have lost a bit recently) I cannot think of anyone I would like to sit around a table with a reminisce about college. Only perhaps the 4 girls who lived together for 8 weeks in 2007, that would be cool but that's about it. I met up with Barney, and Conrad, for fleeting visits, I would like to meet up with Conrad again, but unfortunately he is difficult to be around, so going and staying with him would be weird. It was good to see him in Lincoln, but I understand where he was coming from by saying I should of left Lincoln in 2009. What he forgets is that I did leave! I just came back 9 months later. But from his perspective it must have been weird.

These days, changes are in the offing. Boss has until November to get his wallet out and pay me what I deserve. Otherwise I will seek pastures new. Hopefully by then (since Poker academy is in the post office awaiting collection) then I will be able to make some extra income from online poker. Live would be nice too but I don't think becoming a pro is something I can aspire to. Just an extra few quid a month.

Carsales is playing football tonight, so it will be another night in watching football. I tried that new Coca Cola Zero today, mmmmm dunno about that one. It's a bit tasteless, but for anyone wanting weight loss, its good. 1 Calorie and pretty much naff all else in it. Seems a good re branding though, apparently Diet Coke was girly, Coca cola zero is cool.

Better head home. It's dead here.