Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hopefully Didn't Make a big Mistake

poker is a happy thing
I had an interview for a position with a $40,000 salary, and I just had to sent an email withdrawing from the interview. I have numerous reasons for this.

That said, I would be lying if I was sitting here now not wondering if I am making a terrible mistake, but too late now. Most will think I'm crazy, considering that would more than double my current pay. Unfortunately it would take away most of the things I'm sure about. I work for a nice little company, and myself and boss are going to film a 'How to play poker DVD' all done professionally of course, and try and make some money from that. (Stay tuned!) I really want to be part of that. Plus NEL could in theory do well, and I'd be right there. However, if he does not give me a raise before November (when I will have been there a year) then unfortunately I WILL leave at that point. At that point most of the debt will have gone, and I will by then be playing a bit of low-limit online poker, hopefully profiting! This position was forcing a decision on me that I'm not ready to make, and I've never been one for letting others make my decisions. The position itself was working from home, and one which required me to travel once a month away for board meetings.

In other news, I will be registering for the poker festival this week, and will let you know what events I am playing in, at the moment it looks like a couple of sats for the big event, and one or two of the lower buy-in stuff for experience. Poker Academy might arrive this week so I can get practicing  Results will be reported, as well as all the other stuff you love.

Early start tomorrow 9am as I'm on my own cos boss is working from home tomorrow. Apart from meeting a surveyor at a property it should be quite quiet around these parts.

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